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Aspen Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. , is one of Calgary’s leading choices for affordable energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Our mission at Aspen is to provide quality installations, sales and service for residential new construction – be it single-family or multi-family, custom homes and commercial customers. When required we can also provide other HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) related services like ventilation systems, fireplaces, radiant tube heaters, garage heaters, patio heaters, etc. We have a strong presence in the Calgary and surrounding areas and are a trusted installer for Home Depot’s Installation Services retail sales of HVAC systems.

The experts at Aspen Heating and Air Conditioning are fully committed to your comfort and providing the very best in indoor air quality solutions. Experience the difference Aspen can make to all your heating, cooling and indoor air quality requirements.

Aspen Heating and Air Conditioning is a company with the resources to properly design, procure and install HVAC services for any size residential builder – be it from 500 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. We have an extensive HVAC technical and design background that we would like to put to work for you in all kinds of applications. We have the shop with significant capacity to produce square ducting and fittings in-house for such projects. We understand the value of offering consistent pricing and service in a fluctuating market. Further, we are available to service and replace any parts should a need arise in the future.

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Why Choose Aspen?

Aspen Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. maintains an A+ service rating with the BBB which shows our commitment to our customer's satisfaction. Lower Energy Costs: Aspen Heating and Air Conditioning offers the very best in energy efficient heating and cooling products. Our products will help you save on your energy bill and improve the overall efficiency of your home. Many times, savings in energy cost from the installation of new energy efficient equipment pays itself off in a few years.

Top of the Line

Top of the Line:

We carry a variety of products by the leading brands in the HVAC industry. You can be assured our products will last longer and work better than other competing brands.

Quiet and Low Maintenance

Quiet and Low Maintenance:

Our furnaces and air conditioners are quiet and barely noticeable even when used at maximum power making them a pleasant and low maintenance choice for our customers.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match:

Many of our products are designed to work together (with your existing equipment of a different brand or new equipment of different brands) to offer the best overall experience and efficiency. Ask our sales manager for more details.

24 Hour Emergency Services

24 Hour Emergency Services:

To ensure you are comfortable day or night we offer 24-hour emergency service to meet your heating and air conditioning needs. If you run into a problem with one of our products call us any time of day and we’ll send a service technician to you.

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